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Boosting up the value of your business

At Top Builders we know that a store is not just four walls, but the materialization of the concept of your business. That’s why its design is as important as its maintenance and functionality. This is a priority for every owner who wants to boost his commerce.

Our professional commercial contractors in Las Vegas can handle every aspect of your construction & remodeling project. With 30 years of experience and a dedication to bringing transparency and tranquility to our clients, will make your business vision a reality.

Take the first step to the business of your dreams and contact us today for a tailored quote!

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Plan, Design, and Build: Our Commercial Construction & Remodeling Services

Don’t settle for just functional commerce, at Top Builders our commercial contractors in Las Vegas can make your ideal of your business a reality.

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Commercial projects

This involves all development phases of your construction & remodeling project, from concept and design to the most effective and efficient way to build, enhance, or expand your commerce. At Top Builders our commercial contractors are specially trained to handle any construction challenge, ensuring security through the whole process.


  • Emphasis on quality and innovation, with cutting-edge, sustainable structures.
  • Track record of high-rise accomplishments that prove our success with tall buildings.
  • Exceptional project management and efficiently handle of complex commercial projects.
  • Prioritization of the security throughout the construction practices and protocols.
  • A collaborative team approach that works seamlessly with architects and engineers.

General Contracting

Our team act as the primary point of contact and coordinate with the subcontractors involved in the project, ensuring the successful completion of the construction. You don’t have to worry about anything, just relax and let them do their job.


  • Expertise in high-rise projects with proven success in tall buildings.
  • Skilled, organized, and efficient project management, with on-budget execution.
  • Safety-focused approach prioritizing secure construction environments.
  • Strong collaborative abilities with effective teamwork of professionals and stakeholders.
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Commercial contractors in Las Vegas
crafted for your business

Streamlined Expertise

With more than 100 projects finished and over 30 years of experience, our team of commercial contractors in Las Vegas is prepared and trained to handle planning, construction, and coordination flawlessly.

Time and Cost Savings

Our top priority is the client’s satisfaction, that´s why we emphasize transparency and clear communication to ensure your tranquility during construction. Our team guarantees efficient project management, keeping timelines on track and budgets in check.

Security Assurance

With more than 30 years of experience in the business, our dedicated commercial contractors in Las Vegas know all the building codes and regulations. We operate with a B2 license with a bid limit of 1.500.000, so you can elevate your space with confidence!

Your trustworthy commercial contractors in Las Vegas

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We build more than just a commerce

Your vision, our expertise

At Top Builders, our commercial contractors in Vegas can handle any task and challenge, giving your project a stunning design, and transforming it into a functional space, all these suited to your needs and budget. Don’t waste time and money and start building a better future today!

Ready to boost your business?

Unlock your space's potential!

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Step 1

Share your project with us

Tell our design experts what is your project and vision for your business. They’ll advise you and see how we could make it real.

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Step 2

Choose materials and design

Once you share your vision with us, our commercial contractors in Las Vegas will recommend you some high-quality materials and original designs for you to choose from according to your needs and budget.

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Step 3

Get a quote

Once you choose materials and design for your project, our commercial contractors in Las Vegas will send you a tailored quote. Our team prioritizes client satisfaction, transparency, and open communication throughout the entire process, so you can sit down and relax.

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Step 4

Your project journey begins

Finally, when you approve everything, our commercial contractors in Las Vegas will begin the remodeling process and the journey to the realization of your project can finally start. Just relax, let our team deal with the work, and prepare to boost your business!

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If you have any questions or want to discuss a construction and/or remodeling project, feel free to contact our Las Vegas commercial general contractors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Top Builders All of our commercial contractors in Las Vegas are certified with a B-2 license with a bid limit of 1.5 million. Our Company counts with all the licenses and permissions required to operate in the construction Industry, and after 12 years of experience, we know the building code of Las Vegas perfectly. You can rely on us, knowing all of our work will accomplish all the laws and regulations of the state.

Commercial construction involves the construction of buildings and other structures used for commercial purposes. Our commercial contractors in Las Vegas can help you with office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, factories, and more.

We’ll assign one of our commercial contractors in Las Vegas for your project. He will be in charge of communicating progress reports periodically to you and coordinating with the subcontractors involved.

Our commercial contractors in Las Vegas will deliver all the progress reports of your project as soon as possible. They will keep you informed daily, to establish what time works best for you both, and determine if you want to meet on-site every day.

Yes, sometimes our commercial contractors in Las Vegas employ some subcontractors if the project warrants it. But don’t worry: these are people who have been working with us for years, and we make sure that they are fully licensed and prepared to make your project come to life.